Pamplona, Meeting Point for International Bio-Climatic Architecture

Pamplona, Meeting Point for International Bio-Climatic Architecture

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Laying a claim to cities with low emissions is one of the goals put forward by this year’s International Congress on Architecture, Cities and Energy-CIBARQ, with the slogan «Low Carbon Cities.» Organized by the Department of Bioclimatic Architecture of the National Renewable Energy Centre-CENER, it will take place on 21 and 22 October in Pamplona. International Congress on Architecture CIBARQ 2010 aims to create a forum for discussion between speakers and attendees about something real, and in order to achieve a drastic reduction in overall energy consumption and therefore reduce CO2 emissions, it is essential to develop projects and initiatives in cities. For this reason, CIBARQ 2010 proposes to seek solutions in the city itself, from within, transforming it and seeking increased energy efficiency as an engine of change.

On display will be emblematic examples of highly energyefficient buildings, passive and zero energy buildings, large-scale renewable energy integration projects, and the most advanced technological solutions to obtain buildings and cities with very low emissions. The Fourth International Congress on Architecture, Cities and Energy, CIBARQ10 has established itself as a forum for open debate and criticism about this necessary balance, speaking openly about the different connections between the elements that make up the City (public spaces, buildings, infrastructures and people) and how they need to be re-organized in search of a more efficient, more humane and healthier model. LOW CARBON CITIES The main focus of discussion revolves around the concept of Low Carbon Cities, cities low in contaminating emissions, so it is imperative to reflect on the ways in which people interact with and within the city. GOOD PRACTICES COMPETITION EXHIBITION CIBARQ 2010 During the Congress, the 3rd CIBARQ Experiences and Projects Exhibition can be visited. This will be located in the lobby of the Palace of Congresses of Baluarte, where the most relevant projects submitted to the competition will be one show. About 70 international projects were submitted, which are relevant in terms of energy management, water, materials and from a social point of view. Both real experiences about buildings and urban projects and technological advances developed by professionals, such as ideas and projects from universities and/or research centres will presented.



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