Improved cooking stoves in Nicaragua: an alternative to "the killer of the kitchen"

Improved cooking stoves in Nicaragua: an alternative to "the killer of the kitchen"

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fogones mejorados The project of clean cookstoves in Nicaragua comes as an answer to the serious environmental and health problems produced by the traditional use of the open fire to cook. We are living in a world where 2700 millions people depend on pollutant energy sources because of poverty. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in South America and in the 96% of the rural houses wood is the common combustible used.

The great potential of this project can be sum up in the following three main effects. First of all, it offers a way of cooking that is more efficient, decreasing the use of wood up to a 50% and, as a consequence, the deforestation. In addition, it helps the health of families by canalizing the smoke and avoiding respiratory disease. Finally, it is a big opportunity to enhance the role of woman and her position in the relationships within the family. This is a minimal realization of architecture but it carries a wide social effect that meets the challenge of finding a balance between the energy efficiency and the local cooking habits.

The initiative of the colectivo zompopo focuses on the participation and use of local resources, both material and human. From design to the building, the communities involved are of utmost importance, encouraging the process by providing their knowledge and taking an active part in it. As a result, this will also increase and strengthen their skills so that this is not only a project of 30 cookstoves but also a step-by-step journey…

fogones mejorados 2 The participation lies in the ADN of the colectivo zompopo which has launched a crowfunding campaign in in order to receive financial support to the project. True to the revolution brought by the new culture of the open source, the plan includes a Manual of self-construction and a Methodological report which will be freely spread on the internet in order to increase the reach of this experience.

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