Guadalhorce, where buying organic produce works out cheaper

Guadalhorce, where buying organic produce works out cheaper

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The Guadalhorce Valley is a region in southern Spain with 74,000 inhabitants. Blessed with a benevolent climate for agriculture, 53% of its surface area is used for growing a wide variety of fruit and horticultural products. Guadalhorce ecológico Due to the lack of organic food stores in the region, organic products are bought directly from the farmer, which significantly reduces their price. Moreover, according to a comparative study carried out by the Guadalhorce Rural Development Group (GDR) as part of its Ecological Guadalhorce programme, the products on sale at the organic markets that are held in the Guadalhorce region are cheaper than the conventional products available in supermarkets. The study was based on a comparison of the fruit and vegetable prices of three supermarket chains (Eroski, Supercor and Mercadona) and those of the local organic markets. Besides revealing price variations of up to 100% in products such as avocados, and as much as 300% in the case of citrus fruits (oranges and lemons), the study also confirms that organic fruit and vegetable prices undergo smaller fluctuations during the course of the season. GDR sources relate this fact to «the dependence of large supermarket chains on major distribution chains and, therefore, on price variations in global markets, which are more exposed to political, international and macroeconomic influences». Organic markets avoid these fluctuations because it is the producer who sells directly to the consumer. It has not been possible to confirm the lower prices of certain organic foodstuffs, including bread, plums, carrots and green beans.

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