Almond shell used to manufacture biodegradable toys

Almond shell used to manufacture biodegradable toys

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Almond shells for biodegradable toysThe Spanish Toy Technology Institute (AIJU), in collaboration with Obras Sociales CAM, has carried out a project in which almond shell is mixed with plastic to form a compound material for manufacturing toys, thereby improving the biodegradable properties of the end products and providing new uses for the natural waste generated by Mediterranean crops.

The AIJU’s report emphasises that the studies carried out with high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polystyrene (PS) «have demonstrated the possibility of using conventional methods, such as extrusion and injection, to mix and process plastic compounds containing almond shell in proportions of up to 45% in weight». The report also states that «the incorporation of almond shell, a renewable natural resource, in plastic material formulations can help reduce environmental problems». This combination of materials «will bring down the cost of the end product, as the price of almond shell is approximately 20 eurocents per kilogram, whereas the price of HDPE or PS is higher». “The resultant product decomposes easily without producing any type of toxic waste, and can be eliminated by biodegradation processes». This property also permits «a more efficient disposal and management of the manufactured items containing these materials once their life cycle has come to an end». The end product has a similar finish to that of wood, although unlike the latter, compound materials containing almond shell can be transformed like plastics, which allows for «much greater design flexibility and considerably faster manufacturing processes, while also enabling companies to carry on using the same production lines and materials”. Besides applications in the toy industry, this product can also be used in buildings, motor vehicles, furniture, decorative items, children’s playgrounds, or door and window frames.

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